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*UPDATED VERSION* - here: https://heathercochrane.itch.io/jurassicbark

Jurassic Bark is a low poly simulation game where you can build your own park to house a variety of weird and wonderful dinosaurs...just ignore the zipper! 

Build paddocks, buy dogs, complete challenges, level up your park to unlock new breeds and get your park to 100% happiness. 



The game is played fully using a mouse as it needs access to all 3 mouse buttons.

Left Mouse Click:  select
Right Mouse Click: deselect
Mouse Scroll: zoom in, zoom out
Middle mouse button/Scroll click: rotate item


  • 6 breeds of 'dinosaurs'
  • 3 different sized paddocks to house your pups
  • 13 challenges to complete
  • Hooligans attack at night to steal the parks income
  • 4 decorations to spruce up your parks look

How to Run:

Download the zip file and run the JurassicBark.exe and enjoy!


This game contains no sound or flashing effects.

Current Status:

This is simply a prototype to test how large of a work load a fully working version of this game would require. This project may be picked up at a later date or may be redone completely. 


^ Removing debris (works for decorations, paths, and paddocks aswell)

^ Placing down paddocks and dogs

^ Placing shops and paths

^ Placing decorations


JurassicBark.zip 24 MB
Jurassic Bark-GDD.pdf 1 MB

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