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- Changed the character movement to be WASD and interacting with the world to be the space bar!

Spring is short game centred around unlocking new plant species to plant in your farm created within a week based on the prompt Spring!

Link to the game play video: 


This is simple a prototype of a much larger game I would love to create later on so any feedback on what you'd like to see/ what you liked would be awesome!

This game contains no sound, kinda ran out of time but if i continue with this music and sound would be a big part of it :and there is also no save system, again due to time :D

How to open:

Unzip the folder and double click the springGameJam file with the picture of a chicken as its icon :D


WASD to move

Space bar to interact with the world (planting, talking etc)


SpringGameJam.zip 20 MB

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