My entry for the Purrposeful Charity Game Jam, I unfortunately only had 3 days total to work on this and so I had to lower my scope by quite a bit but I'm glad I produced something within the time frame!

Weight issue in cats can cause many health problems if not addressed, this is why it is important to consult with your vet about any concerns you may have regarding your kitty's weight to make sure they live a happy and comfortable life!

Your job is to get rid of this kitty's chonk by playing through a choice of 3 mini games!

Food Game:

A good diet starts with portion control!  Try to line up the cat treat with the bowl in order to pour the right amount of food for your kitty!

Treat Game:

Some treats can make your kitty feel bad or cause health issue so its important to always give them safe treats! Pick out the safe treats as they appear and be sure to avoid the bad ones!

Toy Game:

Playing with your kitty is a great way to get them to exercise and also bond with them! Touch the cat paws with the mouse toy and see how fast you can complete it!

Below are some tips given by  Cats Protection to help keep your kitty at an ideal weight!

5 top tips for keeping your feline fit and healthy: 

  • Weigh out cat food on a daily basis, being careful not to overfill bowls. If giving cat treats, reduce the overall amount of food given at meal times  
  • Encourage your cat to exercise with toys such as fishing-rod toys or placing their daily ration of food inside a fun feeding ball to encourage activity 
  • Avoid giving your cat treats intended for humans, such as milk, cheese or chocolate. Many cats cannot digest cow’s milk products and chocolate contains a compound that can be toxic to cats 
  • Never starve overweight cats or put them on a crash diet. A gradual, steady decrease in bodyweight is ideal and it may take up to a year for a severely overweight cat to reach their ideal body condition 
  • If your cat is overweight, seek advice from your vet before embarking on any change of diet

Disclaimer: All sounds provided by Zapsplat!

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I love the art style you have! The kitty is very cute.

The menu does interfere with the games as it can be in the way of what you need to click on etc.

Well done on producing something in 3 days!

aw thank you for playing! I'll keep in mind the menu placement and probably update it soon! <3