Left Arrow / Right Arrow - Move left and right
Space - Jump
Up Arrow - pick up box
Down Arrow - drop box
E - attack
R - Block

This game has 3 different endings depending on how you play, see if you can get them all!

Made for the 2020 JameGam with the theme Nature and with the extra twist of needing the philosophers stone within the game :D


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Awesome textures! I really like them. Fighting is way too hard. I only could beat one enemy D; 

The music and sound effects fit in the game :)

Also dont use the same box-puzzle again, only one time and then harder and diffrent.  

You used the theme and the extra very well :D

Good Job :)

Thanks for playing! the trick with the enemies is to just block until you see them punch then quickly attack ;)

I was trying to think of another way of using the boxes as a puzzle but I was drawing a blank lol definitely something to work on for next time!