((Best played in landscape mode when on mobile, don't mind the error that pops up just press okay!))


Play as a little lost cottontail and find your way back to your burrow while dodging cars across the highway!

Complete levels to unlock others with a higher difficulty or play the endless mode and see how high you can score!

Updates After the Jam: (24/10/2020)

- Mobile support on web!
- Smoothed player and camera movement
- Player can now move 2 spaces to the left and right of the centre
- Player takes two hops to traverse a single strip of highway/safe area
- Changed the car speeds and spawn rates to make the game more casual
- Player sprites that are unlocked after completing the levels
- Save system for keeping unlock progress and endless mode  highscore



Up arrow / W - Move Forward
Left Arrow / A - Move Left
Right Arrow / D - Move Right


Made for the 2020 LOWREZJAM!

Mobile scaling handled by:


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Great game!! The concept has been done a lot before, but this game is very fun nonetheless!! Could use maybe a little bit smoother movement, but still very fun to play!!

thanks for playing! i'll update the game soon with fixes, smoother movement being one of them :D

Awesome!! I'd love to check it out after the update again :))